Information Highway Revisited

So I find myself back on Tumblr. It’s been three years or so since I last seriously made use of this, but I find myself drawn back now in an effort for force myself to regularly write longform again.

I have the dual problem of both making websites and managing websites with other (better) writers than I. This means that my previous attempts to write typically derail into efforts to write code. Take Dad’s Not Punk, which suffers from this immensely. While I still intend to start contributing there again, I put more effort into tweaking the JavaScript which lazy-loads the ad block in the sidebar than I did actually stringing sentences together. Tumblr, if anything else, is here to limit me.

I could also get into a wonderfully circular debate over owning the platform on which your writing exists. I’m quite good at that since my job is to sell my services as a web developer. While the argument absolutely makes sense for a business, for me personally it’s another excuse to go fuss around in Drupal or learn Jekyll or whatever else.

Granted, I’m using Tumblr now partly because it occurred to me I could use it to get into the habit of writing in Markdown, so perhaps I can’t quite escape myself.